Bernard J. Muzeen P.Mgr.                       Child & Youth Advocate.

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The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Year Medal was bestowed upon Mr. Bernard J. Muzeen, P.Mgr. during a ceremony in the Centre Block on Parliament Hill, in recognition of his dedicated service to Children and Youth of his community and Canada.

It includes: Company of Young Canadian Volunteer; Boys and Girls Clubs in Oshawa, Calgary and Ottawa; H.O.P.E {Helping Other People Everywhere} Beach Volleyball project; Co-founder National Child Day; Canadian Institute of Management; & 50/50 Ticket Volunteer at the Ottawa Senators Home Games, among others.

       Hon. Gordon O'Connor, P.C., M.P., Minister of State and Chief
       Government Whip, made the presentation on behalf of the
       Government of Canada.


Hon. Gordon O'Connor,

       Hon. Gordon O'Connor, P.C., M.P., Minister of State and Chief Government Whip, made the presentation on behalf of the
       Government of Canada.

Diamond Jubilee receipiants

Bernie and the other Diamond Jubilee Medal receipiants Sept 6, 2012

    Photograph credit: "Brandy Duke Photographer" Kanata, Ontario.



Author Bernard J. Muzeen has a history as an advocate, volunteer and professional leadership, with Children and Youth in Oshawa, Ottawa, Calgary, Kanata and Stittsville since 1958. “Bernie” as the Author is known to uncounted thousands of young clients, their parents and colleagues, has shared many of his insights into the social, cultural, guidance, good citizenship challenges and accomplishments, realized, with a touch of humour, in “The Guiding Hand”.

“I believe that all educators can benefit greatly from “The Guiding Hand” as it exemplifies a humane and common sense approach to students in our classrooms. I highly recommend this book as a vital piece of reading for beginning and veteran teachers alike.”   Dane Tutton. Superintendent of Education, Halton, Ontario.

“The Guiding Hand” provides the Author’s insight in dealing with day-to-day crises of Children, Adolescents and Teenagers, which include:

Physical and verbal abuse…. A bully terrorizing younger children….
Cultural awareness and respect…. Honesty for children who steal from stores….
Peer group and sibling conflict…. Values clarification process….
Conflict resolution…. Character development….
Good citizenship traits…. Leadership development for teenagers….
The Author’s persistence in having youngsters participating in solving ‘their problem’ as each is the master / mistress of their own destiny, and must live with the results. Point of contact for: “The Guiding Hand” $25.00 includes taxes, handling and shipping: 16 Pebble Beach Court, Stittsville, Ontario, Canada. K2S 1B9 Tel: 613 831 0379

"SANTA and the SPIRIT of CHRISTMAS” is a collection of true, charming and insightful stories of meetings Children and Adolescents – 3 to 12 years of age – enjoyed with SANTA, a role Bernard J. Muzeen had played for fifteen years.
These happy and spontaneous anecdotes are told from SANTA’S point of view of events, which occurred during visits to Day Care Centres, Children’s Play Groups, Public Schools and Seniors Residents, and have been illustrated by the bright and whimsical artwork of Stephen Sammon, in a collection of 13 Children’s Storybooks. Point of contact: Visit for additional information.

Milestones in the Author’s life include:
• The Ottawa Boys Club evolved from a single Clubhouse for 800 boys to three fully integrated Clubhouses serving 3,400 girls and boys – 6 to 18 years of age – during the Author’s 22 years of professional and volunteer leadership.
• Bernie answered the call of The Rt. Hon. Lester B. Pearson, Prime Minister of Canada, and joined the Company of Young Canadians. He served two years as a Volunteer in Victoria Park, Calgary, before being appointed as Operations Officer in the CYC’s National office in Ottawa.
• HOPE {Helping other People Everywhere} Beach Volleyball Tournament sought Bernie’s assistance during their formative years. In the twenty-six years since its inception HOPE Volleyball has realized over $7M for charities in the Ottawa area.
• Co-founder of National Child Day {Janis Machin} established by an Act of Parliament is celebrated November 20th annually. It is estimated that upwards of 20,000 community organizations celebrate National Child Day as they focus on the skills, needs, hopes, aspirations, contributions and service accomplishments of Children and Youth.

Honours & Awards:
• The Queen’s Silver Jubilee Medal for Service to Children and Youth.
• Key to the City of Rome, Georgia, for aid to the Rome Boy’s Choir.
• Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada: ‘Silver Keystone Award’ for lifetime service.
• Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada: ‘Bronze Keystone Award’ professional recognition.
• Community Service Awards: Oshawa, Calgary, Kanata, Ottawa and Stittsville.
• Citations from: Royal Canadian Mounted Police H.O.P.E. Ottawa.
                       Ottawa Police Service                 Scouts Canada
                       Ottawa Police Association           City of Kanata  
                       City of Ottawa                            St. John Ambulance
                       Goulbourn Township                   Kanata Youth Centre

Appointments to:
• Ontario Legislative Select Committee on Youth {Oshawa Boys Club}
• Juvenile & Family Court Committee, Calgary, Alberta.
• Guest Lecturer: University of Ottawa and Calgary, also Algonquin College in Ottawa.
• Goulbourn Township Task Force on Municipal Government Reform.
• Community Coalition for Safety in Ottawa – Carleton.
• Community Advisory Board of Brockville Psychiatric Hospital.

Point of contact:
Written inquiries for Bernard J. Muzeen P.Mgr. to participate in Workshops, Conferences,
Leadership Groups, Teacher Development Days and / or Community Events are forwarded to:
16 Pebble Beach Court, Stittsville, Ontario, K2S 1B9 Canada. Tel: 1 613 831 0379.