Bernard J. Muzeen

Liberal Party Candidate for the federal riding of:

Carleton-Mississippi Mills


Why I am seeking the Liberal Party Nomination?

I truly believe a contested Nomination Meetings strengthen our democratic process:

  1. It encourages new policy ideas being placed before the electorate…
  2. It allows new voices to be heard with in the Party…
  3. It provides a forum in which new issues can be raised and reviewed…
  4. It offers Members of Parliament an opportunity to be accountable to voters…

Participatory Democracy is a cause I have championed since mid 1960’s, when The Rt. Hon. Lester B. Pearson established the Company of Young Canadians. I heeded his call for Volunteer Service, which has led me to this place, at this time:

  1. I seek to open the windows of the minds of each and every voter in Carleton-Mississippi Mills and across Canada to understand the current status quote is not inevitable…!
  2. Your vote during the Nomination Meeting and on the Election Day places the destiny of your community in your hands.
  3. Those failing to vote on Election Day surrender their community into the hands of unknown and unaccountable political forces.

Bernard J. Muzeen, P.Mgr.


mr. Ignatieff gives bernie an autograph

Bernie’s Position on Issues:

I am sure you all agree, that we honour the brave Men and Women of the Canadian Armed Forces for their service in that far way land:

  1. They will all be withdrawn in 2011.
  2. Canada can continue to assist the people of that war ravaged land by providing NGO’s with the resources to rebuild schools… hospitals… homes… police services… and social infrastructure, in partnership with local Tribal Leaders and the Central Government of Afghanistan.

The Green Economy:
We will invest in Applied Research & Development initiatives that:

  1. Create employment opportunities in urban, rural and industrial communities
  2. Address climate change by developing new and reliable sources of clean energy for the 21st. Century.
  3. To pass on to our Children and Grandchildren an improved and healthy environment.

Energy Generation Innovative:
To encourage the generation of solar, wind and geothermal energy, that will augment
the community power grid a financial initiative needs to be made to the entrepreneurs willing to participate in this endeavour. All the federal government seed funding will be recovered from the purchase of the additional energy when it is sold to the electric grid.
This is a win – win situation for the energy grid, entrepreneurs and our environment.           

The House Income Trust Fund:
The result of the Harper / O’Conner government’s broke election promise related to “The House Income Trust” October 27 2007 includes:

  1. The loss of $35 Billion dollars worth of Canadian investments…
  2. Thousands of Canadian retirees – some living in Carleton-Mississippi Mills – have lost their only source of dependable income, to pay day to day bills.
  3. There is a sense of betrayal… despair…and anxiety that they will run out of money, forcing them to depend upon the government for charity in future years.
  4. The Canadian Charted Accountants report the Harper government’s legislation, regarding this broken election promise, is so badly written that it will have to be revised, there-by adding to the current confusion.

Affordable Housing:
The construction of affordable housing for ‘new families’ and those Senior Citizens  seeking to down-size their homes, will create jobs and provide for economic development in both rural and urban Canada.

Children & Youth Concerns:
In 1993 Bill C-371 designating November 20th as National Child Day was approved. It was to provide our nation with the opportunity to acknowledge the leadership, services, accomplishments, needs, hopes and aspirations of Children and Youth.

  1. Thankfully, a number of social, educational, cultural, recreational, leadership and citizenship services and organized sports enriches and redirects the lives of uncounted thousands of young Canadian.
  2. Sad to say Canada has yet to eliminate hunger, poverty, homelessness, educational opportunities, necessary medical care or employment training for all our Children and Youth.
  3. Consideration is given to establishing a Child / Youth Commissioner with the resources for ‘the protection of Children and Youth’ in cooperation with all levels of government.

Keep in mind: “Children & Youth are our most precious resources for the future”.

High Tech Investment:
The Harper government has squandered Canada’s stellar lead in the High Tech field by starving this industry of applied research and development contracts in Carleton-Mississippi Mills and elsewhere in Canada, that could have created the jobs required for our national survival in the 21st Century.

  1. This lack of investment in High Tech Industries reminds me of the Avro Arrow debacle, perpetrated by a former Tory government!

Senior’s Income Tax Exception:
I will encourage an Ignatieff / Liberal Government to provide an Income Tax Exception for Senior Citizens with Annual Taxable Incomes of less than $22,000.00. It will serve as recognition of their life long contribution to building the land we all love.

Pension Protection:
The recent collapse of Nortel – and the demise of scores of other National and International corporations across Canada – has underscored the need for ‘pension protection’ for all Canadian workers. I will push for the next Liberal Government to introduce the necessary legislation.

Financial Services Review:
A review of the financial services sector is long over due. Issues that need to be addressed include:

  1. Excessive credit card fees
  2. Predatory lending practices
  3. Ponzie schemes

The Harper government has failed to restrain these financial institutions by providing rules and regulations, there-by placing the lives and businesses of the victims of these financial crimes in a ‘legal limbo’.       

Volunteer Service Tax Credit:
I’ll encourage Michael Ignatieff to explore the feasibility of providing an annual tax credit to Canadians who provide verifiable hours of Volunteer Service that enriches the social wellbeing, offer leadership and provide program services to our community / social service agencies.

  1. I believe I have some unique skills and experiences to offer given my 50 consecutive years of Professional / Volunteer Service, with not-for-profit community agencies in Oshawa, Calgary, Ottawa, Stittsville and Kanata.

Chronic Health Care Facilities:
Encourage building affordable community based ‘Chronic Health Care Facilities’, to serve as an alternative to occupying hospital beds, which are otherwise needed  for surgery and hospitalization of the general public.

H1N1 Vaccine Request:
Half of the Canadian population of 32 million have been vaccinated against the H1N1 flu according to the PHAC {Public Health Agency of Canada} Furthermore Canada has accumulated a stockpile of 50.4 million doses of this life saving vaccine. It is more than enough to meet our current need.
The Harper government’s negative response to an urgent request from W.H.O. {World Health Organization} for a portion of this massive stockpile of lifesaving vaccine for use in underdeveloped countries is a national disgrace.

  1. Australia, Brazil, France, New Zealand, Norway heeded WHO’s request.
  2. The Harper government’s refusal to respond affirmatively to this humanitarian appeal is clearly out of step with the basic values of my fellow Canadians.   

As fate would have it my career path led me to Ottawa, where I worked for 22 years with the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa, which stood with-in sight of Parliament Hill.

My taking part in the next election is a testament to my commitment to my Riding, my Country and my Party. Therefore I’m ready, willing and able to take on the Nomination/Election challenges. I look forward to serving with our Leader as we Liberals guide Canada back to prosperity and good government.

Your comments, insights, and questions are welcome.